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The theme “On the Edge” applies to all congressional exhibitions.

In addition, several national exhibitions will complement the Congress.

Members’ Exhibitions  

Thematic Members’ Exhibition: Remain Upright
Curated by Frédéric Bodet.

Members’ Exhibitions are restricted to IAC artist members. 

The exhibition is online. 


Finnish National Exhibitions

There are six satellite exhibitions taking place during the congress. These are all available to those who have registered through the Liveto platform.

Click here to visit the Liveto site.


Anu Pentik – In the Beginnin

On the Edge


From Form to Surface

Ilman Rajoja – Without Borders

KWUM Summer Exhibitions: Kim Simonssen’s Small Monuments & Lillemor Mannerheim’s Ceramic Design


Lavender Fields and Snowy Landscapes


Theme of the Congress

"On the Edge" is a location, a feeling, as well as a critical position.

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