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The 49th Congress and General Assembly of the International Academy of Ceramics was held online on September 22 and 23, 2021. This meeting welcomed participants from all over the world who gathered and exchanged virtually. They were introduced to a panorama of activities related to the year’s theme through the use of an online platform. All congress material is available for 1 week following the Congress (to registered attendees only).

The General Assembly took place on September 24, with only IAC members allowed to attend.



The overall theme of the Rovaniemi/Posio Congress is entitled “On the Edge”.  

The theme reflects the arctic location of Finland on the edge of Europe, as well as the other regions on the edge of the world; a vision from inside out to outside in.

However, it not only reflects the geographical inspiration of this Congress but the pulse of our time as we emerge from the global pandemic.

The programme of this two-day virtual meeting will include live streamed conferences, several national and international exhibitions, members’ exhibitions, presentations by IAC artists, and opportunities for interactive discussions.  The goal will be to develop a set of critical positions which can be used to provide guidance for the entire field as it moves into a post-Covid world. 



The theme provides a framework and context for the following topics: Signals from the Future, Social and Political Reality, Locality and Materiality, Making and Wellbeing. These serve as the core for the critical discussions that will follow each presentation.

“On the Edge” is particularly significant in that it provides the opportunity to reimagine, rethink and restart a dialogue that addresses both the mainstream and margins within ceramic art, design and crafts.

The Congress will provide a framework for these discussions and brings together communities of artists, researchers, collectors, curators, writers, historians, and gallerists in a unique forum.



The 49th Congress and General Assembly “2021 Rovaniemi/Posio” is organised by the Arctic Ceramic Centre (ACC) and the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC). The co-organisers are the Ministry of Culture, Aalto University, University of Lapland, Pentik Ceramic Factory, Municipality of Posio, City of Rovaniemi, Rovaniemi Art Museum, Korundi House of Culture, with additional support from other institutions, associations, art galleries and artists. All this support is a significant contribution that will ensure the success of this global ceramic event. The Finnish IAC members have also made significant contributions over several years in planning this Congress: both its program and its accompanying events.



Registration, policy and fees

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General Information

General information on the format of the Congress.

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Theme of the Congress

"On the Edge" is a location, a feeling, as well as a critical position.

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Organising Institutions, Partners and Sponsors

The 49th Congress of the Academy in Rovaniemi is organised by the Arctic Ceramic Center (ACC) and the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC).

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