Theme of the Congress



On the Edge is a location, a feeling, as well as a critical position.

The 49th IAC Congress Rovaniemi/Posio 2021 should have been held in Rovaniemi and other regions in Finland. Sadly, circumstances made it impossible. The general theme of the congress is “On the Edge”; this theme reflects the arctic location of Finland on the edge of Europe, as well as other regions on the edge of the world, a vision from inside out to outside in.

The theme encourages discussions and interpretations that address both the mainstream and margins within ceramic art, design and crafts. The theme “On the Edge” acknowledges the diverse discussions that currently take place in the field of ceramics in communities of artists, researchers and other actors.
The theme provides a general framework under which the four following proposed topics will be discussed and shared via lectures and exhibitions within the congress program.




1. Signals from the Future
This proposal acknowledges ceramic-making processes, material-based research and, in particular, emerging practices. We invite contributions that consider how traditional skills and methods feed innovation, and the implementation of new technologies and manufacturing processes.

2. Social and Political Reality
Proposals will take into consideration the whole of society, including all involved ‘actors’ from communities to individuals. We invite here contributions to discuss social values and responsibilities, particularly how art and ceramics can contribute to support social equality.


3. Locality and Materiality
For this topic, we consider that our everyday practices are based on locality. The local environment, including its history, culture and material resources gives context and responsibilityto our actions: we invite contributions related to restrictions and limitations, from the perspective of global and local resources, in order to understand ceramics as an ecological and sustainable material which can restore environmental health.
4. Making and Wellbeing
Individual or community wellbeing is social, physical and mental; under this proposal, we invite critical contributions discussing the ways in which art and craft can enhance human wellbeing.





The 49th Congress and General Assembly of the International Academy of Ceramics took place online.

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The programme of the 49th IAC Congress "On the Edge".

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